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Cash Loan Maximized

Well known to all Bank – Credit Easy, which has been winning the hearts of Polish consumers for years. A wide range allows you to choose the right financing model. Bank of ACB offers attractive products: Credit Easy, cash loan, fast loan for renovation, loan for leisure, loan for selected professional groups, consolidation loan, fast loan for a car, credit for a driving license, installment loan, individual credit line , repair limit, business loan, 1 Account, PROST SAVINGS account, PROST PLUS saving account, foreign currency accounts and credit cards – Gold, Silver, Standard and partner cards.


What is Credit Easy?

What is Credit Easy?

Credit Easy is a modern Retail Bank focused on providing comprehensive financial services to individual clients and people running a business. The bank is one of the most dynamically developing financial institutions in Poland. Friendliness, convenient and quick service as well as combining the advantages of traditional and virtual bank are the features that we stand out on the market.

Credit Easy provides banking services to individual clients and persons conducting business. It is one of the leaders on the consumer credit market granting installment loans for the purchase of goods and services for individual clients, cash loans and car loans and mortgages. The offer includes personal accounts, savings products, credit cards with a revolving limit. Together with retail chains, it also offers credit cards for retail outlets.


The Bank also offers financial packages for small and mediumm enterprises

financial packages

The Bank also offers financial packages for small and medium enterprises tailored to their diverse needs. The diversity of the offer and access to modern financial services, both in outlets, as well as by telephone and the Internet, make Credit Easy one of the top rankings of the best banks in Poland. The Bank receives high ratings not only from specialists, but also from its clients.

Since 2001, the strategic shareholder of Credit Easy is the French bank Credit Easy. Thus, Credit Easy is part of one of the largest financial institutions in the world. In addition to Credit Easy, the Credit Easy Group in Poland also includes the ELF Lending, CBY Bank and CEA Finance.


A simple-cut cash loan at Bank of ACB

A simple cash loan is the flagship product of this bank. By choosing a credit card you have the guarantee that the monthly cost of the loan is only PLN 15 for each borrowed PLN 1,000. If you have an account at Bank of ACB, you can get a cash loan without a certificate of earnings, if from min. Six months for your account are systematically influenced by funds. You do not have an account at Bank of ACB yet? Open and use the facilities.


Cash loan for any purpose up to PLN 150,000

Cash loan for any purpose up to PLN 150,000

Take a cash loan of up to 150,000 PLN for any purpose at Bank of ACB and do not hesitate with the implementation of your plans. It is up to you only on what target you will allocate the loan obtained.

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