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Lending companies lends out slightly different loan amounts and longer maturities. They have a kind of combination of classic private loans and sms loans where you can borrow smaller amounts from USD 1,000 and with shorter maturities from 1 month but also larger amounts up to USD 20,000 and maturities up to 12 months. 



The amounts and maturities offered by lending companies are both micro-loans and private loans, as there are both small and large loans and varying maturities. You can borrow up to 1 year, which is the shortest term a regular private loan usually has.

However, you cannot borrow all amounts with all maturities, but how long you can borrow simply depends on how much money you need. The low amounts up to USD 4,000 you can only take for 1 or 2 months. If you get up to USD 5,000, you can start choosing quite freely. However, if you borrow larger amounts such as USD 10,000 and upwards it bends to be limited again as you can only then longer maturities. For example, you can only borrow USD 15,000 for 6 months and more.

Lending companies are investing in flexible loans that you can take quickly and you can apply either via the internet, sms or by calling. You get a quick answer on whether you are approved and then you can get the money the same day or at the latest the day after. If you apply on the weekend you will receive your money on Monday when they open again.

You can use both Bank ID and E-leg to identify you, which makes it a little easier to borrow since you do not have to be called and physically submit ID documents. You can then fix the money a little extra quickly and smoothly.

Terms to borrow from lending companies

Terms to borrow from lending companies

The conditions at lending companies are quite modest and there is not much information. What we can say is that you have to be of authority to be able to take out a loan and also be registered. You cannot have any debt balance.

When it comes to income there should be a taxable income but it is not said where the limit goes. When lending companies does its credit check, they check your financial position and decide on this if you can borrow. The better the economy the greater the chance of being approved.

You can apply for a loan even with a payment note, but there is of course a risk that you will not be approved. Your overall financial situation determines and then a payment note weighs the grade down a bit.

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Payday advance loans online -Payday advance online same day: Money in a hurry /loan-direct-lenders-bad-credit/ /loan-direct-lenders-bad-credit/#respond Mon, 12 Aug 2019 07:58:49 +0000 The Netherlands, business country. Beautiful companies have been established in the Netherlands for years. ING calculated that the number of companies in the Netherlands doubled in the last twenty years to almost one and a half million. As an entrepreneur I am quite proud of our entrepreneurial mentality.

But entrepreneurs sometimes also run into walls. For example when taking out a loan or a mortgage. Fortunately this is not always necessary. That is why I am listing all the options for borrowing money as an independent entrepreneur this week.

Payday advance online same day: Money in a hurry

But maybe you are looking for a payday advance online same day. I don’t want to ignore that. We specialize in providing payday advance online same dayThat’s why you can click to find out more and we will help you with payday advance online same day.

When can a self-employed person take out a loan?

Taking out a loan as an independent entrepreneur is certainly not impossible. But doing business always involves risks. That is why banks are not always eager to provide credit to a self-employed person.

The bank ultimately wants its money back. If the income is too uncertain, the bank can decide not to grant a loan. But can you submit annual accounts for the past three years, does your company have a positive equity and you have no negative BKR registration? Then a loan is certainly possible.

Money tomorrow for private use

In the paragraph above, I assumed that you want to borrow money for private purposes. Consider a loan for a renovation or a new car. If you want to take out such a consumer loan, you can choose from:

  • Personal loan
  • Revolving credit

The difference between these two loans is the degree of flexibility. A Personal Loan offers a lot of security, thanks to the fixed term and interest. The Continuous Credit is a flexible loan with no fixed end date and a variable interest rate. Use our online loan guide and immediately find out which loan suits you.

Wondering if you can borrow?

I see more and more applications coming in from entrepreneurs. Not surprising when we look at the ING figures. I am happy that we work together with professional banks that always think along with our customers. And always look for what is possible. Also for entrepreneurs.

So are you wondering if you are eligible for a loan? Simply request a quote without obligation and we will usually give you a definitive answer the same day. Then you immediately know where you stand.

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Investing in sustainability: Mortgage or Green Loan? /investing-in-sustainability-mortgage-or-green-loan/ /investing-in-sustainability-mortgage-or-green-loan/#respond Fri, 09 Aug 2019 16:16:34 +0000

Making the home more sustainable is becoming increasingly popular, knowledge about costs is lagging behind.

More and more Dutch consumers want to invest in a more sustainable home, according to a study by market research agency Ipsos. Both homeowners and tenants are increasingly concerned about the environment, but also see an opportunity to save on energy costs through making their home more sustainable.

Making homes more sustainable

Making homes more sustainable

Making homes more sustainable is on the rise, but certainly not commonplace. How much money is needed to make provisions that make a home more sustainable? 71% of not yet have a good understanding of this.

8% think of an investment of more than € 10,000. 7% are considering measures that cost € 5,000 to € 10,000 and the rest of the researchers want to spend less than € 5,000 on sustainability.

We see more or less the same picture with knowledge about payback period of energy saving facilities: more than 50% say they do not know well when the measures will become profitable. This does not apply to solar panels, more than 60% has the clear feeling that this popular investment is earned back within 10 – 15 years.

In practice, the figures are slightly more favorable, according to the consumer association: solar panels will last around 25 years. They are usually paid off after 7 years, so that the house has at least 15 years of free electricity.

How to finance

How to finance

More than 70% of Dutch households are seriously considering taking sustainable measures for their homes, to save both energy and the environment.
But often it is still time to think. What is stopping these consumers from taking action? In practice, it comes down to insufficient knowledge about the costs, but also about the payback time and future returns. And those who can’t afford the solar panels, heat pump or roof insulation from their own savings or subsidy must look for financing.

Borrowing money for sustainability / home improvement is not popular with 6% of consumers. Homeowners are also not eager to raise their mortgage as a financing option (only 9%). Although this percentage increases by a jump to 21% with investments of more than 10,000 euros, according to the same study by Ipsos.

Not 6%, but 20% consumer credit

Not 6%, but 20% consumer credit

At From Good Finance, however, we see very different numbers. We process 30,000 applications annually, of which around 20% (!) For the ‘home improvement’ spending purpose.

A very different percentage than the 6% that emerges from the Ipsos study. Why do consumers prefer to indicate in the survey that they want to increase their mortgage for home improvement, while practice shows that the number of applications for a consumer loan is over € 20,000 comparatively high?

Personal Loan excellent option

Personal Loan excellent option

In summary: those who do not have the budget for a sustainable renovation in the house or cannot count on a subsidy must look for financing for the plans. Increasing your mortgage seems like a good solution, but in practice you are more expensive because of the long term. Moreover: why would you still pay for solar panels that have long been profitable?

If we look at the facts, borrowing money through a Personal Loan is a great option to make your home more sustainable. Both the duration and the interest rate are fixed, so you always know where you stand. Moreover, the Personal Loan is paid off much earlier than a mortgage.

There is nothing wrong with borrowing money for making a more sustainable home. After all: how chic is it to invest money in something that not only benefits you but also the environment ?!

Are you also planning to make your home more sustainable? Discover directly via our loan guide whether a Personal Loan fits your situation and your plans.

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Borrow online: Solution or Pitfall? | Business loan /borrow-online-solution-or-pitfall-business-loan/ /borrow-online-solution-or-pitfall-business-loan/#respond Mon, 05 Aug 2019 05:44:31 +0000

Nowadays you can borrow money for your company quickly and easily via the internet. For many companies, taking out a business loan via the internet can be very attractive, but a number of important points should not be overlooked. applies, you can take certain safety measures to limit the risks.

Be cautious when disclosing your data. You will not get away with it, but check the company you are dealing with. Check whether the address details are correct, whether the company is registered and, for example, search forums in experiences of others with the relevant organization. Do not settle for links and customer experiences on the provider’s own website, but rely on independent sources as much as possible.

Weather against incredible providers

Weather against incredible providers

Don’t be tempted too quickly. Nowadays, commercials for cheap loans are indispensable from the commercial breaks on television. It sounds almost too good to be true and yes, in many cases it is. For example, if the offer concerns a variable interest rate, it may mean that you have to repay a higher interest rate in the second month of the term. It is always wise to compare the different providers and ensure that you are aware of all the conditions.

More and more often we also see advertisements passing by for companies that specialize in borrowing money without a BKR check. If you are in a hurry, it may be nice to skip the test, but for anyone with a negative BKR registration, taking out a business loan again is not always a wise move. Finally, it must be possible to repay the borrowed money and, often higher, interest. When taking out a business loan, it is therefore crucial that you are realistic and can make a good estimate of your financial situation throughout the repayment period.

Borrowing online is easy

Borrowing online is easy

Despite the possible drawbacks, borrowing from online lenders is certainly worth considering. It can indeed give you a benefit. Decisions are often made quickly. You can count on various providers that you will receive a free quote within a day, which can also speed up the process of mutual comparison considerably. Some institutions even promise to respond to your request within an hour.

Moreover, online borrowing is often cheaper than at a physical company. There are fewer personnel costs, no or few establishment costs and you, as a customer, may benefit from this. If you are interested in personal contact you can of course check on the website whether there is a telephone number that you can reach, or whether the organization has a branch where you are welcome.

Borrowing money online is often easier than at a bank. Since the credit crisis, most banks have become much more reluctant to grant loans. You must submit extensive business plans and the decision process is often lengthy and complex. With many online providers you can easily calculate online what you can borrow and how much interest you have to pay.

Although there may be disadvantages associated with this, you can, by properly preparing yourself, limit it. Consider different providers and assess your financial situation well. Because borrowing still costs money, whether you do it online or offline.

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Cash Loans – Comparison – Calculator /cash-loans-comparison-calculator/ /cash-loans-comparison-calculator/#respond Wed, 19 Jun 2019 01:33:56 +0000 Nowadays, loans are very popular. At every step, people try to do everything to get a given sum for a particular desired thing, or for an important expense. The possibilities are really very much and everywhere, you can get a positive feedback if the requirements are met.


Comparison of cash loans

Looking at cash loans, the offer of which is on our website, it is worth taking a look carefully and choose for yourself what appears to be the best of the best solutions. By betting on such loans, each person will be able to choose what suits them and what seems most rational and profitable. On the website we recommend you there is a comparison of loans, and thus the possibility of checking over the Internet, which offer is the best for us. The decision to take one of them does not have to be immediate. Borrowing money is not a simple and easy thing, so it is worth considering enough to be sure that a given decision is definitely the one that hits the very best.


Best accounts – Ranking of bank accounts

Best accounts - Ranking of bank accounts

It’s worth changing your bank account for better and free. The standard is already access to the account via the Internet, the possibility of earning on high-interest bank deposits and the ability to use the credit line in your account. 100% on-line service – ATMs for PLN 0, account keeping PLN 0, card PLN 0, transfers PLN 0. Set up the best personal account!


Cash loans via the Internet

Cash loans via the Internet

Here we have prepared a special offer of cash loans without leaving your home: via the Internet, telephone or SMS. Loans for evidence, without certificates and unnecessary formalities. Fast, convenient and convenient. Compare quick loans online. 


A quick cash loan for every 24/7

A quick cash loan for every 24/7

Online loans, online payday loans – this is an excellent solution for people who need cash quickly. Loans without certificates for individual clients and companies with a transfer to the customer’s account in 15 minutes. Just ID card, bank account number.


Comparison of cash loans

Comparison of cash loans

Compare cash loans and choose the best, most advantageous cash loan with a low installment. A cash loan will quickly help you patch the hole in your home budget. Check which banks will lend you money under the best conditions and how much will the monthly installment of the loan. Choose the best cash loan and order it online.


Comparison of housing loans

Compare housing loans from 25 Banks. Calculate installments, compare offers. Choose the best mortgage for yourself. A mortgage loan with a low margin will allow you to fulfill your dreams of own accommodation. Check the offer »

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Cash loan ISB Bank /cash-loan-isb-bank/ /cash-loan-isb-bank/#respond Wed, 15 May 2019 18:48:56 +0000

ISB Bank is not known for its stunning promotions. In recent years, there were indeed some really catchy slogans from that side, which were quite different from what other banks were used to by customers, but they were not necessarily surprisingly high. But, as they say, who waits, this one will wait.


Cash loan in ISB – briefly and on the subject

Cash loan in ISB - briefly and on the subject

Recently, ISB Bank introduced a promotional offer for a cash loan. In order not to play in particularly long studies, for those who do not have time, basic information in a nutshell:

  • loan amount: from 1000 to 3500 (for a statement) or PLN 160,000 (unsecured);
  • loan period: from 3 to 96 months;
  • interest rate on cash loans in ISB: from 7.49 to 8.99% depending on the amount, period, purchase of insurance – this value will be provided by the bank’s system based on the values ​​entered;
  • cash loan in ISB for people from 18 years of age;
  • required min. Income: PLN 800;
  • required employment: contract of employment , commission, work;
  • required duration of employment for individual forms of contract: depending on the source of income;
  • foreign contract: possible to receive a cash loan at the ISB branch;
  • accepted special professions, for example: Sailor, priest, military contract
  • benefits of the cash loan offer in ISB: 0% commission for a loan over PLN 20,000 – PLN 100,000;
  • APY: 18.56% with variable interest rate for a regular customer (for the offer from 03/03/2019 7.76%).


Where’s the advantage here?


ISB does not break this offer with its tradition and certainly does not turn the banking world upside down. Our editorial team is convinced by something completely different: predictability. Not in the sense of “this offer was predictable”, but rather in the sense of “I take and know what I took.” It is also a specific attitude of ISB, which the bank has been cherishing for years. No sudden refunds in pricing policy, without transferring fees from one instrument to another, all the time with clear, simple and predictable rules.

As for the loan itself – it may come as a surprise that the loan amount is low, but you have to admit that ISB has never liked these products. In turn, the fact that the amount at the upper limit does not require additional security or the consent of the spouse is a serious asset, because with this offer not every bank is ready to compete. In most cases, the maximum amounts of private loans with a similar structure oscillate around PLN 100,000.


As always – ISB loan for everything


Another reason why we decided to present this offer results from the construction of the loan. It is financing for any purpose, so no one on the part of the bank can see how the funds will be used. And we are talking about the amounts that will not only affect the purchase of a new car of a pretty good brand or a small flat or participation in TBS (and twice).

Even when moving within the lower limits of the amounts, this loan gives you the opportunity to finance the purchase of a bike, the renovation of an apartment, the purchase of communion gifts or a May-out organization.

In many banks, these smaller amounts are provided as “cash loans” and not “cash loans”. This slightly changes their legal status (the loan is generally better for the client), but usually it also means that the upper limit is much, much lower. ISB comes out with a much more flexible offer, because it wants to serve one product both for people looking for the simplest source of financing, as well as for those who are looking for definitely more funds. This is another plus, because within one offer costs are easier to count and you do not have to take a few products from one bank for your own comparisons. One loan product is simply a much easier assessment of profitability.

We do not predict whether this loan will be the cheapest – it will certainly be the easiest to check, because instead of a few different loan offers, there is one now, it has clearly defined terms and thus ISB does not create three different offers, each of which would have to be checked separately.


Curiosities about ISB cash loan

We have access to certain materials from ISB, which are not published directly on the website, but which are buried somewhat deeper in the documents. Based on them, calculators and comparisons are made, but since we’re looking at numbers directly, it’s worth giving a few curiosities.

The highest commission for granting a loan is 5%. The higher the amount, the lower the commission and already with loans for about 5,000 PLN, it is only 3%, which makes it one of the most interesting proposals on the market in this respect.

Credit insurance, which you can really consider, may cost 0.25% at low amounts. This is not much, but considering that the credit period is the shortest, this value is well chosen.

Although in ISB you can opt for a cash loan with equal and decreasing installments, the first option is definitely more popular – this is not really surprising, because such a construction is predictable, and decreasing installments are not necessarily felt in the portfolio.

There is also one limitation, which some will not like. The point is that although, in principle, the ISB Bank cash loan application can be submitted over the Internet, it is not easier for those who run a business to benefit. In their case, it will be necessary to meet slightly more formal requirements, but at least thanks to this they will obtain better financing conditions than in other banks, where this form of income is “rewarded” with a higher interest rate. In ISB there is only a small inconvenience, but it does not have to be translated into costs.

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Cash Loan Maximized /cash-loan-maximized/ /cash-loan-maximized/#respond Wed, 17 Apr 2019 21:06:02 +0000 Well known to all Bank – Credit Easy, which has been winning the hearts of Polish consumers for years. A wide range allows you to choose the right financing model. Bank of ACB offers attractive products: Credit Easy, cash loan, fast loan for renovation, loan for leisure, loan for selected professional groups, consolidation loan, fast loan for a car, credit for a driving license, installment loan, individual credit line , repair limit, business loan, 1 Account, PROST SAVINGS account, PROST PLUS saving account, foreign currency accounts and credit cards – Gold, Silver, Standard and partner cards.


What is Credit Easy?

What is Credit Easy?

Credit Easy is a modern Retail Bank focused on providing comprehensive financial services to individual clients and people running a business. The bank is one of the most dynamically developing financial institutions in Poland. Friendliness, convenient and quick service as well as combining the advantages of traditional and virtual bank are the features that we stand out on the market.

Credit Easy provides banking services to individual clients and persons conducting business. It is one of the leaders on the consumer credit market granting installment loans for the purchase of goods and services for individual clients, cash loans and car loans and mortgages. The offer includes personal accounts, savings products, credit cards with a revolving limit. Together with retail chains, it also offers credit cards for retail outlets.


The Bank also offers financial packages for small and mediumm enterprises

financial packages

The Bank also offers financial packages for small and medium enterprises tailored to their diverse needs. The diversity of the offer and access to modern financial services, both in outlets, as well as by telephone and the Internet, make Credit Easy one of the top rankings of the best banks in Poland. The Bank receives high ratings not only from specialists, but also from its clients.

Since 2001, the strategic shareholder of Credit Easy is the French bank Credit Easy. Thus, Credit Easy is part of one of the largest financial institutions in the world. In addition to Credit Easy, the Credit Easy Group in Poland also includes the ELF Lending, CBY Bank and CEA Finance.


A simple-cut cash loan at Bank of ACB

A simple cash loan is the flagship product of this bank. By choosing a credit card you have the guarantee that the monthly cost of the loan is only PLN 15 for each borrowed PLN 1,000. If you have an account at Bank of ACB, you can get a cash loan without a certificate of earnings, if from min. Six months for your account are systematically influenced by funds. You do not have an account at Bank of ACB yet? Open and use the facilities.


Cash loan for any purpose up to PLN 150,000

Cash loan for any purpose up to PLN 150,000

Take a cash loan of up to 150,000 PLN for any purpose at Bank of ACB and do not hesitate with the implementation of your plans. It is up to you only on what target you will allocate the loan obtained.

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Found The Best Way To Pay Off Debts /found-the-best-way-to-pay-off-debts/ /found-the-best-way-to-pay-off-debts/#respond Thu, 11 Apr 2019 18:47:54 +0000 Everyone overcomes financial difficulties in his own way, but it is not always possible to independently cope with the accumulated obligations. Studying the financial behavior of people, researchers from Harvard made a conclusion about the universality of the application of the “snowball” principle, which helps in a short time to repay the debt.

How financial scientist works

How financial scientist works

Scientists took information from IC Wallet, a financial company that provides citizens with the service of tracking the financial condition of clients, moving through bank accounts, deposits and loans. The company’s clients set goals and control the implementation process. The company’s service also provided for receiving financial recommendations on an individual basis.

For observations used information collected over a 3-year period, including movements on credit cards. The base for the analysis is represented by observations of 6 thousand people who decided to get rid of credit debt, financial obligations, and also learn how to manage their own finances.

Observations showed that a client tuned to liquidate one debt dealt better with financial problems than those who tried to service all debts at the same time.


Scientist have called the best way to pay off debts

Scientist have called the best way to pay off debts

In the course of the research, we conducted 3 tests aimed at testing the hypothesis about the degree of influence of the indicators of the interest rate value, the amount of payment on the repayment results:

  1. In the course of the first experiment, indicators of the efficiency of credit payment with the maximum and minimum interest were determined. The participants in the experiment were divided into two groups: the first was to distribute credit debt into several payments, the second repaid one debt with the promise of issuing an additional reward for the repaid loan. The clients participating in the tests were offered to simultaneously repay several loans at once or to close the debt simultaneously. For payment, clients earned money by performing certain tasks (collecting words from letter combinations). The results showed that customers aiming at repaying one loan, the results are 15% better.
  2. The purpose of the second study was to test the assumption that a one-time repayment of the loan is the best goal in terms of efficiency, due to the high motivation of the participants.
  3. Based on the third experiment, the researchers were going to find out what more influences debt repayment. During testing, it was determined that the most effective way to cope with debt is to realize the results achieved by reducing the total amount of debt. For participants in the experiment, it was more important to understand that actions were not in vain and brought closer to the goal.

The results of the study showed that a person copes with the task, when he clearly sees the approach to the goal. Accordingly, the indicators of the subjects, configured to repay small amounts, were better.


According to the organizers of the observations

build a debt elimination plan

It is recommended to build a debt elimination plan in the following order: 

  1. Based on the available financial opportunities, determine the amount that will be used to close the debt immediately, not postponing it for later. If you make the available amount now, then it will remain to give less money.
  2. Consider how much more you can pay in excess of the amount on schedule without worsening your financial situation.
  3. Start by paying off small debts, gradually reducing the number of loans and other monetary obligations.


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Can a Payday Loan Be Profitable? /can-a-payday-loan-be-profitable/ /can-a-payday-loan-be-profitable/#respond Mon, 08 Apr 2019 17:47:37 +0000

At first glance, a payday loan is more a necessity for a borrower than a lucrative contract. But, if we start from the phrase “time is money”, then in some cases we can talk about the benefits of microcredit not only for the issuing loan company, but also for its client. After all, the most notable plus of this service is the speed of receiving cash.


Advantages of a Payday Loan

Advantages of a Payday Loan


So, how to take advantage of this? Let’s start with the simplest. If you need the money right now, a long search for money can worsen the situation and the problem that needed to be solved will remain unresolved. Therefore, in some cases, it is more profitable to quickly arrange a loan in a microcredit company, despite the fact that the rate may turn out to be higher than in a bank. Moreover, taking a loan for a short period, the amount of overpayment may be quite insignificant.


Separate benefit to borrower in a Payday Loan

Separate benefit to borrower in a Payday Loan

A separate benefit can bring in a payday loan if the borrower does not have enough money to buy goods with a good discount. Such offers in stores are rare and last, as a rule, not for long. It is best not to hesitate in such a situation and, carefully calculating the difference between the size of the discount and the fee for a payday loan, contact a Payday Loan. After all, if the purchase is expensive, then the amount of the discount may be several times more than the overpayment of the loan.

We must not forget that when applying to a microfinance organization again, the client becomes permanent, and he will be provided with preferential conditions. So that for each individual borrower a payday loan is beneficial in its own way.

Our company operates in different regions. Read more about how to take a payday loan in VHA.

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