MONTGOMERY, Alabama (WALA) – Governor Kay Ivey will host a signing ceremony for the bill passed in the 2021 regular session on Thursday.

The following invoices will be formally signed by the Governor:

• House Bill 322 – This bill, sponsored by Rep. Danny Crawford, Senator Clyde Chambliss and Senator Tom Whatley, places responsibility for appointing members of the State Board of Registration for Foresters with the Alabama division of the Society of American Foresters and any active state forestry organizations that meet the criteria established by the Council. (Law 2021-433)

• House Bill 227 – SB 231, sponsored by Rep. Joe Lovvorn, Senator Dan Roberts and Senator Tom Whatley, provides an income tax credit for the acquisition, construction or installation of a shelter. -storm qualified. (Law 2021-540)

• House Bill 2 – Sponsored by Rep. Mike Holmes and Senator Dan Roberts, HB 2 adds tianeptine to the list of Class II controlled substances. (Law 2021-325)

• Senate Bill 261 – This bill, sponsored by Senator Clyde Chambliss and Representative Chip Brown, prohibits indemnification provisions for third party liability in contracts for design professionals. (Law 2021-318)

• House Bill 130 – Sponsored by Rep. Chip Brown and Senator David Sessions, House Bill 130 is named after Aniah Blanchard and provides for additional offenses that would allow a judge to deny bail to a defendant. (Law 2021-267)

• House Bill 136 – This legislation, sponsored by Representative Chip Brown and Senator David Sessions, designates the Alabama Aquarium at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab as Alabama’s official aquarium. (Law 2021-411)

• House Bill 137 – HB 137, sponsored by Representative Chip Brown and Senator David Sessions, grants certain rights to victims of sexual assault and creates the Sexual Assault Task Force. (Law 2021-481)

• House Bill 166 – Sponsored by Rep. Matt Simpson and Senator David Sessions, creates a mental health diversion program and funds a mental health court in Baldwin County. (Law 2021-154)

• Senate Bill 39 – SB 39, sponsored by Senator Randy Price and Representative Matt Simpson, establishes the Alabama State of Emergency Consumer Protection Act and creates the crime of aggravated home repair fraud. (Law 2021-272)

• Senate Bill 308 – This bill, sponsored by Senator Randy Price and Representative Proncey Robertson, establishes the Alabama Uniform Concealed Carry Permit Act and authorizes concealed transport permits for life. (Law 2021-246)

• Senate Bill 43 – This legislation, sponsored by Senator Randy Price and Representative Joe Lovvorn, requires the EMA to adopt guidelines for identifying and designating safe havens statewide. (Law 2021-165)

• House Bill 172 – Sponsored by Representative Barbara Drummond and Senator Bobby Singleton, requires the Director of Procurement and the Secretary of State’s office to collect data on minority and women-owned businesses in the state and the participation of these companies in the state purchasing process. (Law 2021-223)

• House Bill 274 – Sponsored by Representative Barbara Drummond, this bill provides for licensing and regulation by the Board of Cosmetology and Barbering of mobile hairdressers. (Law 2021-406)

• House Bill 175 – HB 175, sponsored by Representative Joe Lovvorn, adds computer teachers in underserved areas of the state to the current AMSTEP loan repayment program for public high school math and science teachers. (Law 2021-389)

• House Bill 153 – This legislation, sponsored by Representative Joe Lovvorn, extends the eligibility of children entitled to receive tuition assistance from the Police and Firefighter Education Assistance Program. (Law 2021-425)

• Senate Bill 61 – SB 61, sponsored by Senator Donnie Chesteen and Representative Joe Lovvorn, establishes the Retirees Education Trust Fund in the State Treasury to fund periodic bonuses for retirees of education. (Law 2021-464)

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